? jslint not compatible with Visual Studio Cordova tools?

I have been using jslint for a while in javascript projects edited with VS2013. But I am now experimenting with the 'Tools for Apache Cordova' plugin for VS2013 and jslint won't run with any of the .j
 ? How to open a specific page when click on push notifications in Ionic?

I am new to Ionic I integrated PhoneGap push notifications plugin. I am able to receive notifications in Android and IOS. I would like to open a specific page when a user clicks on the notifications b
 ? Proguard cordova application

The security audit team has asked us run proguard on the Cordova Java code on one of our applications.We turned on proguard by making the following modifications to our build:To use ant build project,
 ? How to send an SMS in Phonegap using Cordova Documentation?

This is a followup question to this and I figured that we can access native functionality of the phone in javascript using Phonegap Documentation. I tried playing with notification api and it worked p
 ? Splash background color Windows 8 Cordova Tools

I am using Visual Studio and the Cordova tools plugin. How can I change the background of the splash screen. The image provided does not cover the entire screen. Change setting on config.xml<pre
 ? Cordova app scrolls outside of view

When I try to scroll vertically in my iPhone app made with Cordova (Phonegap) and Framework7, the entire view moves instead of just the content. Like this, instead of this.The menu bar should be fixed
 ? google tag manager v2 basic configuration I'm not getting hits on google analytics

I'm working on a cordova/phonegap project. I'm using a plugin for GTM that allows me to track events. The problem is that I'm not getting hits on google analytics.According with the developer it's wor
 ? How to use Cordova with Samsung Gear 2?

I know you can make html5 web apps in Tizen wearables IDE for gear 2, but is Cordova compatible with this? I can't find any documentation at all. I haven't personally played around with Cordova on
 ? Converting Bootstrap Stuts based application to APP

We have a Struts2, JSP, Bootstrap and jQuery based responsive UI. The current demand is for an App;is there any quick way to convert the Web Application itself into an App ?I know this is a bit generi
 ? sap fiori client using device sound

I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere, so here's my question:Can you access (different if possible) device sounds when working with sap fiori client (and cordova, kapsel,...). I'd like to make di
 ? Cordova trying to fetch plugin from repo instead of local plugin

I'm trying to create a Fiori Client for iOS with the SMP SDK 3.O PL3.At some point it tries to fetch a plugin which doesn't exist: Fetching plugin "kapsel-plugin-inappbrowser" via npmI don't unders
 ? Ionic/Angular 2 component event emitter not updating view

I am currently writing an Ionic 2 app and have created the following custom component:import {Component, EventEmitter} from 'angular2/core';import {Button, Icon, Item} from 'ionic-angular';import {Dat
 ? webaudio not working with ionic using crosswalk on android device

I created an ionic webrtc app that runs perfectly when using ionic serve (on web browser, witch is normal). but was not working at all on the device since the getUserMedia function was not able to exe
 ? Application Insights initialization by code in Windows Phone fails

we are trying to get Application Insights in our apps work. If I choose the automatic configuration "Add Application Insights Telemetry" it works, but if I try to add it by the following code, it does
 ? how to programmatically toggle back button on/off?

I have some code to display/hide an input button depending on a condition:settings = settingsManager.readSettings();if (settings) { $("#settings-back-button").show();} else { $("#settings-back-but
 ? FileSystem root.fullPath return undefined and root.getFile gives "processMessage failed error" in phonegap.js

this is my first question here, so sorry if I'm writing bad my request. I'm creating a project with Sencha Touch 2.4.1 and PhoneGap (my main target is Android), using the commandsencha app build nativ

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