? Using IN and Startswith operators together

I am trying to add a startswith operator to my formula below, because I need it to return all values starting TRA or MTA.IF {STK_LOCATION.LOC_CODE} IN ['TRA', 'MTA'] THEN {STK_LOCATION.LOC_STOCK
 ? Trying to convert total minutes from a datediff to days, remaining hours, & minutes in Crystal Reports

I am using Crystal Reports 2013 SP5 on Windows 7 Pro pulling from an Oracle db.I am trying to write a formula(s) in crystal reports that returns the total number of days the remaining hours if less th
 ? Display all sub-objects recursively in report

My table has two relevant fields, PartNo and SubPartNo. These contain all the part numbers used to build an entire assembly. The main assembly (1st level) uses PartNo. Depending on the complexity of t
 ? Java 1.8 is compatible for BO4.0 SP9?

Is Java 1.8 is compatible with BO4.0 SP9? When I am trying to open the BI launchpad - "Cannot launch Java report panel, please make sure you have installed Java Virtual Machine" error is displaying,In
 ? Business Objects Enterprise reporting using SDK client gives exception

We have a client that is using the SDK for invoking reports on the Business Objects Embedded Report Server. We can login, but when calling the openDocument method, something goes wrong.code: //LOG
 ? How do I check if an EnterpriseSession token exists in BusinessObjects SDK

I am implementing a web GUI for BusinessObjects via the BO SDK (.NET) and need a way to persist and share an authentication token amongst several users. A specific business requirement is that only a
 ? How does one pass null values to optional parameters in a Business Objects report using the Business Objects SDK?

I am building a web front end for accessing Business Objects reports using the Business Objects SDK for .NET. I have been able to hack my way through 95% of the business requirements with the sparse
 ? BusinessObjects (BoE) / Crystal Server: old/dead sessions not being cleared

We have a BusinessObjects Enterprise XI server which I believe is similar (if not the same) to Crystal Reports Server 2008.We have a small number of concurrent licenses, and is has never been a proble
 ? Disable the logo, refresh and export icon in CrystalReports BI 4.1

I am trying to disable the logo, refresh and export icon in CrystalReports. To achieve this, I tried with the following options In BOE.ear/BOE.war/WEB-INF/eclipse/plugins/webpath.CrystalReports/web/WE
 ? Business Objects XI link to report

Does anyone know how if there is a way to link to a Folder or Report contained in Business Objects Enterprise? I would like to add a link on my intranet web site to a Report. You can link to a repo
 ? Where does the InfoStore service run from?

I'm new to development for the Business Objects 4.0 SDK. I've figured out how to connect to the server. Through various examples on the web, I've also learned I need to use the InfoStore service to
 ? Modify Crystal Enterprise User Access via query

I'm looking for a way to modify the groups a Crystal Enterprise User is in via query in order to automate some of our tasks.We currently have anywhere from 5-20 users a day that get added or have thei
 ? CrystalDecisions.Web DLL

I've downloaded the Business Objects 3.0 SDK but it didn't contain the CrystalDecisions.Web DLL (version 12). The DLL exists on the Business Objects XI SDK (version 11.5) and on the Business Objects
 ? Crystal Server Enterprise 11

Is there a way to construct a URL that when the user is redirected to, displays the report. I am running Crystal Enterperise server 11. I have created a folder in which the report exists. I can want t
 ? Crystal Report 2008 when uploaded into Infoview doesnt underlay following section

Thanks in advance, I used the 'underlay following section' feature to create a watermark using a text field. Works perfectly when viewing or printing in Crystal 2008. However when loaded into Infoview
 ? New field to be shown in crystal report

I have a sql stored procedure which is attached to a crystal report.The sql sp has 5 fields, i added the 6th new field.When i click refresh on report field, i don't see the new field.How do i get the

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