? Navigation in django

I've just done my first little webapp in django and I love it. I'm about to start on converting an old production PHP site into django and as part its template, there is a navigation bar.In PHP, I che
 ? Django - Highlight Navigation based on current page?

I am building a webapp that has several main sections. Each section has several sub-sections. I have a main_nav.html file that holds the nav for the main section. This is added to the based HTML file
 ? Why on earth do I have to pass RequestContext in all of my responses?

I want to highlight the current page in the navigation menu. Obviously I need to give the menu links a class like 'active' when you are on their page. This is a classic problem and I've seen many solu
 ? Django -- Break up a request.path into each word?

I want to take the URL from request.path in a template and do a test on just the first word. If my URL is this:/estimates/commercialI want to somehow remove the commercial from the request.path. I was
 ? Django template: use of multiple block tags in same base

I want to make sure I have understood this correctly before I change all my templates. I have a base.html with my overall layout. This has a {% block content %}. Each of my content pages extends "base
 ? How do I do navigation in django?

I have a website that has tree structure. One "menu" contains 1st level items, another "sidemenu" contains 2nd + 3rd menu items. Could anyone recommend Django application that integrates with urlpatte
 ? Hierarchical tree navigation in Django

I am looking for the best way to implement a tree navigation system in my Django app. I have a hierarchy of pages, and I need a way to set links as active on the various levels of the hierarchy. The o
 ? Navigation Nodes in django-cms example

Can you give me an example how can i use Navigation Nodes?Cannot find examples in documentation.There is this {{ node }} but where is it coming from?Particalarly i am intereisted in {{ node.is_leaf_no
 ? Django navigation issue

I am writing a navigation header in django. And i am having problem navigations between urls that i created.urls.pyurl(r'^home/$', home_page, name="home_url"),url(r'^about/$', about_page, name="about_
 ? Django admin- inlines and collapse fields

I am using inlines to allow the editing of the Drivers and Riders objects from Family in the admin, as shown below. I would like the Driver and Rider objects to be collapsed, but it appears that that
 ? Angular/bootstrap collapse button collapsing all elements

I'm new to Bootstrap, Angular and Django, so I'll try my best to be as clear as possible. I have several dynamic generated div's by a django loop, and for each div a collapse button. I set the data-ta
 ? django template table rows do not collapse

I can not work-out what I am doing wrong with collapsing certain rows of my table.Can you advice how can I correct it so I can collapse rows marked in red ?I guess I have placed collapse tag in wrong
 ? Django + Bootstrap + Collapse + Item.PK = Issue

If I use {{forloop.count}} or {{object.pk}} for ID and href rendering, collapse doesn't work, but if I hardcode the ID and href it works as it should. What could be the issue here?My Template:{% for E
 ? Multilanguage Django website with custom URLs

I'm stuck a little and need your advices guys... I'm creating the website which will be translated in two languages. For example I have two urls /gallery/pictures and /galerija/paveikslai (these are t
 ? Django: prepending language code to urls in HTTP response to make search engines aware of language support

I have a Django site (version 1.5) supporting 3 language choices; basically it is a directory of "resources" (aka POIs) for the citizens of a large city. A few introductory pages contain text which ha
 ? How do I get all django response form data in a test

I want to write a generic django test that tests views by simply requesting an arbitrary edit URL, taking all the data in the forms in the response context and then POST-ing that to the same URL witho

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