? automate and streamline django deployment from local to server

Recently, I have started to deploy my work-in-progress django site from my local to server. But I have been doing it manually, which is ugly, unorganized, and error-prone. I am looking for a way to au
 ? django.dispatch.saferef.BoundMethodWeakRef object leak for each request resulting in memory leak

A django webapp is leaking memory. I have tried suggestions here: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/faq/models/#why-is-django-leaking-memory even though the app is not standalone.I used guppy (by
 ? Using Celery as an easy alternative for Logstash

I'm developing a web application with Django+Celery, and I wish to add a simple stack that let me track events and get statistics. My first thought was Elasticsearch+Kibana, but I don't want to over c
 ? Azure Web Site with Django 500 Error

I've spent over 8 hours trying to get this Django site up and running on an Azure Website. I've nearly thrown in the towel would really appreciate some help.So far I have tried numerous methods and fo
 ? django-tastypie: why are api keys useful and how to support multiple auth schemes?

I'm designing a website in which people will sign on as users and potentially be in multiple groups, which come in a couple of different types. I wanted to both have a website that people can use dire
 ? Using AngularJS template tags in Django

This question already has an answer here: AngularJS with Django - Conflicting template tags 13 answers I define
 ? how to use angular expression inside template's tag of django?

I wrote in tags.py the following tag:@register.simple_tagdef getUserName(request, user_id): return foo(user_id)In my html template I combined django symbol {{ }} together with angular symbol {[{ }]
 ? AngularJS: template prints nothing on localhost server

I have basic task to print something from template tag.It works if I open html file from filesystem, but it prints nothing if I run this from django web-server.For example:<li ng-repeat="k in [0, 1

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