? Can I do data visualization with Drupal?

Basically i want it to import data from a SQL database and Display it as graphs. Having said that i also want it to be dynamic,responsive as in the users should have filtering options. Any leads would
 ? Create an Iframe from a Drupal Website

I have a drupal website. I want to generate an Iframe with content from my drupal site, that other sites can embed.How I think this can be achieved:Method 1: Create a php script that is autonomous fro
 ? Flexslider: How can I display image captions in my node?

I have a site where my nodes (articles) can have multiple featured images. By default, my articles have this gallery at the top of the page rotating through the images. I like it. I'd like to know whe
 ? CKEditor- style attribute gets stripped out for certain text formats

I've set up a text format called contributor and have allowed tags in the allowed tags html filtering.I've configured CK by disabling ACF. I've also put in "config.allowedContent = true;" into the Cu
 ? Bootstrap navbar active class drupal

I`m rebuilding my old website into drupal 7. I decided to use the drupal bootstrap theme, because my older website also uses bootstrap.Bootstrap themeBy default the drupal navbar is included in this t
 ? How to specify rel property for a css file in a libraries.yml file?

So I'd like to specify a custom rel property for a css (well, less) file in my libraries.yml file in Drupal 8.Would something like that possible?base: version: VERSION css: theme: css/
 ? Drupal 7,x baidu map loaded but not displaying

I am trying baidu map module on Drupal 7.x . It is not displaying the map from some reason. The map is there. Once I switch the view(satellite view, normal view), the map starts to show up. Open the
 ? Disable autocomplete forms in browser

I've got Drupal site, and I try to disable the autocomplete wich made by browser (like firefox). I put Autocomplete="false" in form/input but nothing happen got always the autocompleteHere's my code&l
 ? clean url's Drupal Gallery2

I'm trying to configure my Gallery2 integration in Drupal but i'm stuck at Step 4.I have to put in two path's to drupal's .htaccess file.The public path (This is the location of your Drupal .htaccess
 ? Drupal - building a photo gallery for voting with Fivestar voting module

How would I be able to use the Drupal Fivestar voting module for voting on photos in a gallery without each photo being a separate node. I've used the Fivestar module for voting on seperate nodes, but
 ? Create Modify Page in Drupal 8

I have this project about adding inline troc managing using Drupal 8. When I want to modify some data, I face some issues.I want to escape the default page because I can't reach the list select in th
 ? My under development local drupal site become very slow, how to solve?

I am developing locally a site with drupal and suddenly it became very slow. The last thing I made was installing the internationalization module.Now when I try to reach administration panel I receive
 ? drupal 8 Functions to support theming preprocess node get paragraph item

I'm usign the module Paragraphs for Drupal 8. I need to print the raw value of a paragraph field in the twig template ? preprocess my preprocess is like this : mythemename.theme What you probably s
 ? How to make usernames as vocabulary in Drupal 7?

I am making a website using Drupal 7, in which a user may assign tasks to another user while editing a content node. I was thinking of doing this by making the Username list appear as a tag list with
 ? Google search results via XML not iframe

I'm looking for a google search module that uses the 'Google Custom Search API' so that I can pull the results and theme them on my page. I know about the google_cse module. But that module does
 ? Accepting Credit Cards for the First Time. What do I need to do?

I'm setting up a site to accept credit cards for the first time.I'm using Drupal to manage products and store content, but that isn't important. I'd like to help build a community-generated list of pl

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