? ElasticSearch - search for any nested field that is in range

I have the next filed as part of an elastic element: "PayPlan" : { "ActivePlans" : { "plan1" : { "startsOn" : "1", "endsOn" : "999999"
 ? Kibana linking two independent events

I have ELK configured for collecting data offline, the log files look something like this :Info 2015-08-15 09:33:37,522 User 3 connectedInfo 2015-08-15 10:03:57,592 User 99 connectedInfo 2015-08-15 11
 ? How to integrate Elasticsearch for Realtime Visualization?

I am trying to visualize my data which is in elasticsearch and using Kibana5 for that.But the problem is what Kibana visualizes is not realtime visualization. If I update my data then I need to visual
 ? How to connect elasticsearch to apache spark streaming or storm?

We are building a real-time big data tool with open source tools. Our main goal is to supervise and analyze a network by getting logs from a kafka server in real-time. We saw in tutorials that we have
 ? logstah vs spark streaming and storm

I am working on building a distributed real time cluster system to supervise and analyze a network. I did several researches on internet and I came out with few technologies:for real time processing :
 ? Setting Elastic search limit to "unlimited"

How can i get all the results from elastic search as the results only display limit to 10 only. ihave got a query like:@data = Athlete.search :load => true do size 15 query do
 ? HTML Strip in Elastic Search

I have a document with property that contains html tags. I want to remove html before indexing. I found this htmlstrip-charfilter but I can't find example in using this. I'm new to elastic search and
 ? Search query for elastic search

I have documents in elastic search in the following format{ "stringindex" : { "mappings" : { "files" : { "properties" : { "BaseOfCode" : { "type" : "long" }, "BaseOfData"
 ? How do you configure mapping template for suggestion field

I would like to configure my index or my cluster such that all "suggest" fields on any new types will be mapped as a completion suggestor.I am on AWS provided elasticsearch 5.1 and hence using the RES
 ? What Elasticsearch Analyzer to use for this completion suggester?

I'm very new to Elasticsearch and am currently trying to get my head around analyzers with respect to the completion suggesterI have a list of places like so:LondonThe London EyeThe London Dungeonetc.
 ? Elasticsearch autosuggestion: Case-sensitive results?

I am currently experimenting with the new autosuggestion from elasticsearch (verson 0.90).It actually works great for me but I noticed that all the suggestion results are coming back in lowercase. I a
 ? while using Ngram Tokenizer and Ngram Filters index Size will increase in ElasticSearch?

Hi I am new to Elasticsearch, does NGram Tokenizer and NGram Filter increase Index Size in ElasticSeach?Using MIN_NGRAM AS 1 MAX_NGRAM AS 50and how to check Index size and tokens using local host
 ? Elasticsearch NEST client creating multi-field fields with completion

I am trying to create some completion suggesters on some of my fields. My document class looks like this:[ElasticType(Name = "rawfiles", IdProperty = "guid")]public class RAW{ [ElasticProperty(Omit
 ? Synonym filter with "&" not working in elasticsearch suggest with standard tokenizer

My goal is that if I have something like "s & p indices" indexed, that I can also suggest this if the user searches s and p, s & p, or s p. However, there seems to be something peculiar about
 ? Elasticsearch: query for multiple words across multiple fields (with prefix)

I'm trying to implement an auto-suggest control powered by an ES index. The index has multiple fields and I want to be able to query across multiple fields using the AND operator and allowing for part
 ? Elasticsearch autosuggest

a newbie to ES needs helping hands for the Suggester....I made a simple index with some titles like "Manufacturer product name mpn":My current Mapping:'suggest'=> ['=> 'completion''=> 'simple

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