? Adding multiple PivotFields in Excel VBA

I'm trying to make a macro which makes a PivotTable. Currently I've been able to find some code that helped me create it, the problem is that I can't find a way to add various PivotFields using a for
 ? Find and Replace in VBA

I am attempting to go through a column of department names (strings) and anything that contains the string " - INACTIVE" needs to have it deleted and just have the department name. For instance, if I
 ? Excel VBA Delete Row If Mispelled Word

I am trying to delete the entire row, if a cell contains a misspelled word. If a row is removed, is skips a row, thus missing any misspelled words that may occur directly after another.Here is the cod
 ? Excel VBA getting an image from url

I'm making a macro on Excel 2013 to get the URL from a column (Column "f") and put it on the next column (Column "G") I already make a code but it doesn't work as I wantSub GetShapeFromWeb(strShpUrl A
 ? Excel VBA: Formula Not Entering Correctly From String

I'm trying to finish a script that will allow a user to select another excel file when a cell is double clicked, then that excel file is used to drop in a formula into the main excel file. I cannot us
 ? How to delete a sheet and insert the same sheet with the same name but prevent referencing errors in formula while doin so?

I have a value in cell D8 of Sheet2.Cell A4 from Sheet1 has a formula that contains the value of cell D8 from Sheet2.Now, when I delete the entire Sheet2, I get a referencing error in the formula from
 ? Dynamic Sheet Index Number

I am trying to write a function that returns the index number of the sheet that the function is in.I have this:Function Sheet() Sheet = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Index End FunctionI have multiple
 ? If cell value in worksheet(3) matches cell value in worksheet(2) AND specified cell in worksheet(2) contains given text replace with

If cell value in worksheet 3 matches cell value in worksheet 2 AND specified cell in worksheet 2 contains given text replace with...(EDIT - Additional explanation from comment): I want to compare Colu
 ? importing.csv files in all the subfolders of a directory with a pop up browser

I'm using the macro below to import and arrange the contents of all of the.csv files from a specific directory (C:\csv) on an excel worksheet. I would like the macro to import all of the .csv files in
 ? vlookup multiple sheets and report in another sheet

I'm working with a workbook that have "Scheduled Payments" from many clients, one in each sheet.The sheets have this structure - Date - Value - Name - Bank - CityWhat I need to do is, search for a DAT
 ? Move rows to another sheet if meeting criteria

If the cells is equal to Disney Orlando I want to move to worksheet New or a completely new worksheet. As of now the .Rows is causing an error.Sub finddisneys()Application.ScreenUpdating = FalseApplic
 ? Sending Email from OFT template using excel vba

Good dayThe code below generates a unique email + attachment to each line in column A based on other columns. This means if the same email exists more than
 ? Excel - calculate mean of cells defined by another worksheet

I need to calculate mean values of a certain trait of host species belonging to a certain insect species. My insects here just called species are organized like shown in figure Sheet 1. Column mean_tr
 ? How can I calculate the mean of all months until now?

I have a column with a value for each month, like: 1,2,3,...,12. And I have a row with 12 cells (each corresponding to a month). And I have another cell that says the current month.My question is: How

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