? Bash function to find all Git commits in which a file (whose name matches a regex) has *changed*

I have the following bash function, which searches for all files in a repository, whose filename matches a regular expression. It currently finds all commits in which a file exists. How can this be ch
 ? How to run Blockly from the cloned repository?

I am trying run Google's Blockly.https://github.com/google/blocklyI am learning how to use git bash for windows, and I have linked git with my Github account. I cloned the repository of blockly and I
 ? What do these words mean in Git: Repository, fork, branch, clone, track?

I'm honestly not clear on the semantics here. They're all about copies/variants of a code+history unit, but past that I'm not sure I could say. Is this logical structure explained somewhere? A re
 ? Git svn clone: How to defer fetch of revision history

I often have the case that I want to work on a SVN repository right away. But an ordinary git svn clone [url] also clones the entire history. So I want to speed things up. The first part is to fetch o
 ? Rendering a GitHub wiki on a GitHub Pages Jekyll site

I have a repository with a wiki full of over 80 pages. I want to render an index of all the wiki pages on the Jekyll (GitHub Pages) site for the project, as well as render each page on the site using
 ? Github pages fails to deal with redirection on ghosted url

I have a project site on Github pages. It's available through this URL:https://joereddington.github.io/CommuniKate/To make things a little more pretty, I have the domain communikate.equalitytime.co.u
 ? Git workflow for web development

I have been playing around with git on my local machine and everything makes sense until it comes to a remote and multiple developers I start getting confused.My goal is to have a "semi public" dev si
 ? Mirror a git repository by pulling?

I am wondering if there is an easy way, ie like a simple cron job, to regularly pull from a remote git repository to a local read only mirror for backup purposes?Ideally it would pull all branches and
 ? Automatically mirroring a GitHub repo

I suspect this question has been asked before, though all I can find are similar but distinct questions or the same one with only solutions that do not work for me.There is a repository on GitHub that
 ? ! [remote rejected] errors after mirroring a git repository

I'm following this documentation:https://help.github.com/articles/duplicating-a-repository/git clone --mirror https://github.com/exampleuser/repository-to-mirror.gitcd repository-to-mirror.gitgit push
 ? How can I keep a git mirror in sync (including deleting branches)?

I've cloned a git repo using git clone --mirror, and I'd like to keep the mirror up to date. So far, I've been using git fetch --all, but I've noticed that branches deleted in the original repo are n
 ? Gitlab returning remote: You do not have permissions to do this. while performing scripted git push

My scenario is as follows:we have a gitlab set up for our team where we do all of our development with branches etc, etc. We also have an official repo hosted by our company where we would like to hav
 ? Mirroring from Gitlab to Github

I have been using a private Gitlab instance to hold all my code. But since most of the staff that work with me now have a Github account, i would really like to get moving and mirror my Gitlab repo to
 ? Permission denied (publickey) on capifony deployment from windows with remote host gitlab

I am trying to setup a deployment from my local windows computer through gitlab to my server using capifony.Usually I would connect by ssh to my server and run the command from the serverNow I want to
 ? Unable to connect to Gitlab Container on Custom Port via SSH

I have a VMWare Player, it is running a local VM that is hosting the Gitlab Server based on official container repo. I have changed the ports as follows: Host → Container 27→22 85→8
 ? Github: Share private repository with another organization

I belong to two github organizations, let's say O1 and O2.There is one private repository in O1 that can only be accessed by the people who belong to O1.Is there a way I can share that repository with

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