? Teamcity fails to merge automatically

Given there are master and dev git branches, a git repository is hosted on the Github and TeamCity 9.0.1 installed as a CI server.The teamcity build project is configured to use github repository as a
 ? Deploy via TeamCity from GitHub

I am new to using TeamCity. I am trying to figure out how to build code from my private GitHub repository. In an attempt to do this, I did the following.Created the Deployment KeyCreated a new SSH key
 ? TeamCity continuous integration with git deployment, PHPUnit tests and database migration

I'm trying to setup a TeamCity continuous integration and deployment workflow with a Laravel application using Git for version control but the way I've managed to do it feels hacky.What I have right n
 ? Cannot deploy static website on azure via Git

I have a simple project structure in my Git repository.[repo] - api (Contains a .NET WebApi application) - client - dist (Contains a static html/js website using AngularJS)I set up continuous d
 ? Streamlining deployment with Capistrano

Is there any way I can streamline my deployment process? I currently use these git and Capistrano commands:git add .git commit -am 'Comment...'git push [name]cap deploy:setupcap deploycap deploy:clea
 ? Visual Studio Git Source Control without Git for Windows or Github extension

In Team Explorer it prompts me to install 3rd party git tools, I don't intend on using the Git command line, just Visual Studio's native GUI to clone, pull, commit, sync, merge and maybe issue pull re
 ? how to integrate lighthouse with git?

I'm trying to achieve something like github's support for closing tickets com the commit message, that is, if you issuegit commit -m "fixes #4"github automatically closes the ticket #4In this case I'm
 ? Best practice: git, github, lighthouse and 2 developers

I'm setting up a new project and plan on using git and github for sourcecontroll and hosting of repo and lighthouse for bugtracking. I've been working with git for some while now, but only been using

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