? Gae Jdo persistance on one-to-many owned relationship with bidirectional navigation

I'm trying to persist a one-to-many owned relationship with bidirectional navigation in GAE using JDO.I manually add the Contact to User class, and I would expect that in the end the Contact will have
 ? Can I use urlfetch with self signed certifications over ssl

I want my app engine service to speak with a separate service that I manage. I want to be able to install my self signed certificate on both ends. Is it possible to have app engine speak to this insta
 ? Adding Custom (domain+SSL) on google app engine which i bought from GoDaddy

I am trying to add a custom domain with SSL in my google app engine project, according to the steps defined here using-custom-domains-and-ssl, i successfully added my domain but when i am trying to ad
 ? Wildcard subdomains on appengine over https on firefox

When I go to https://wild.rileylark.appspot.com with chrome, I get the nice "this is going great" icon. When I use firefox 4, I get the "omg, you're effed" message: wild.rileylark.appspot.com uses
 ? Google contextual gadget working only on my account

I have created google contextual gadgets for hello world but it is not showing hello world contextual gadget on other gmail acocunts.I have domain also registered with gmail .Is it possible that conte
 ? Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome don't handle set-cookie headers

I am testing my website which works fine with Iron, Firefox and Opera, now using Internet Explorer 9, and Chrome. It sets two important cookies in every browser, except for IE9 and Chrome. It seems th
 ? oauth Chrome Extension Google App Engine

Had anyone had any luck getting OAuth between a Google Chrome extension and Google App engine to play nicely (or for that matter anything else?). I have followed all the steps.I have followed through
 ? After hitting the server, browser still uses a cached version

I am using AppEngine with Restlet to serve my data to a GWT app in the browser as client. The Restlet-GWT edition uses GWT-RPC serialization as the transport format underneath. GWT-RPC serialization r
 ? Getting an OAuth access token for packaged app in chrome

I've created a packaged app for chrome web store which is now published to testers.I need to implement one time payment via Chrome Web Store Payments.for this, according to the documentation, I need t
 ? Import Error on Google AppEngine : No module named oauth2

Im running Google AppEngine. I have oauth2 installed. Im successfully able to import oauth2 in program but when I run my python application using GoogleAppEngine Launcher on localhost, then I get the
 ? Pagespeed on app engine.. lots of issues. am i missing something?.. [php, appengine]

recently we deployed our site to google app engine and everything deployed successfully.now we enable pagespeed in settings.now problem.its making loading css in html head section with some wried scri
 ? 401 response when posting to Firebase Cloud messaging, when server key is valid

I'm implementing sending push notifications from my google-app-engine server to client apps.I'm receiving response 401 when sending post message to Firebase cloud messaging server (https://fcm.googlea
 ? Secure login on your domain with Google App Engine

We are starting a very large web based service project. We are trying to decide what hosting environment to use. We would really like to use Google App Engine for scalability reasons and to eliminate
 ? SHA1 fingerprint already used by another OAuth2 client

Some time ago I created a project in Google Developers Console with Oauth2 client id for android app with package name and SHA1 fingerprint. Somehow the project got created without project id, which p
 ? GAE dev_appserver.py over HTTPS

Has anyone cracked how to get HTTPS working on the dev_appserver.py? I need it for Facebook canvas app testing. I've had a search of the docs and nothing suggests there's a way to do it (sticking 'sec
 ? appengine http secure?

A simple question, I think.If I use the google users accounts in appenginefrom google.appengine.api import usersto authenticate my users, how secure is the rest of my app under http (not https), ie. w

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