? Disable the natively generated identity value feature in grails

The following is my Domain class details.class Age { String agetype static constraints = { }}I am using HeidiSQL. I want to drop the id column that is generated automatically.And set primary
 ? Dc crossfilter hide particular selection

Working on a grails application, wherein I am using dc-crossfilter to plot 5 bar graphs which are interconnected to each other.Now, I want to do a simple thing here : In my first bar graph, there are
 ? Grails: Load data on one ComboBox depending on another

Let's say I have a combobox with the options GENERAL, AIR, GROUND, and SEA<g:select name="group" from="${['GENERAL', 'AIR', 'GROUND', 'SEA']}" valueMessagePrefix="default.category" value="${tipoN}"
 ? How to model a Friend - Friendship relationship in Grails

How would you model a friend - friendship relationship in Grails? Until now my User class had many followersclass User {//Searchable pluginstatic searchable = trueString userIdString passwordboolean e
 ? Grails, horizontal scroll of page, how can I do that

I have a view where a lot of data is displayed in a table. I have to have a big screen to see it all but can not count on that users always have that size as I have. But unfortunately my grails projec
 ? how to define step definitions location for cucumber in intelliJ 12

I have my feature files in src/resources/com/features and my step definitions in src/main/java/com/step_definitionsMy tests all run correctly, but intelliJ refuses to see where the step defs are, even
 ? grails datepicker only provides default date to controller

When I attempt to use the grails datepicker, when I try out the page the value that gets sent to the controller is the default value, not the actual date value that I've chosen in the datepicker field
 ? grails service hierarchy

Let's say I have 10 grails services. Each one of these services will be making calls to a REST service. So, I'd like to encapsulate the REST code so it can be easily resused by the 10 services.In co
 ? Grails service class cross ref

I realize that Grails service classes are Spring managed singletons. I also know that you can reference one service class from another by just declaring a local def with the serviceClassName in camel
 ? Grails service - invoking method from controller?

I'm trying to call a method on a grails service from a controller, but it looks like execution is just skipping the method call. I've tried debugging the application with a breakpoint inside the metho
 ? Grails calling service error

I have my service in the proper folder (i have an email plugin, which works good in a controller, iv tested it)class SendMailService { static transactional = false def serviceMethod() {
 ? Change the name of an injected service in grails

Can't seem to find info on this, if you have some, please point me to the right thread/post/link! I have a service, lets say it's called 'SomeServiceWithAReallyLongNameICannotChange'. Of course the no
 ? Grails service using a method from another service

I'm building a grails app and have come across an issue when trying to instatiate a service, in a different service. Both of the services use a method defined in the other eg.class fooService{ def
 ? How do I find the hostname where my Grails app is running from within a service method?

I was using request.getServerName() within a controller, but I'm moving my function into a service. How can I find the hostname where the app is running? If you know that the service method will on
 ? grails 2.2.2 service don't know domain model: "No signature of method"

I have a grails-plugin called "listadmin" there is a domain model "Liste":package listadminclass Liste { String internal_name String public_name Boolean edtiable = true Boolean visible = t
 ? Getting error "No signature of method is applicable for argument types: (com.vproc.market.SubCategory)" in grails

I am trying to add Category and Sub Categories to Organization(Currently logged in User). I can add category but failed to add subCategories to Organization. When I try, get following message:No signa

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