? Nested ng-repeat issue with select/options drop down box

I have an ng-repeat that makes a call to an endpoint to grab a giant JSON object full of data, which is assigned to the vm via the controller. Inside the vm object, there are several properties, incl
 ? How to use radio button to delete rows in the table using angularjs?

i'm using radio button to delete the row in the table. The bug i'm facing is, it is deleting the multiple rows at a time . Let me show u the image with of my table.As we all know that in radio but
 ? How to display alphabet as the first record in the table using orderBy in Angularjs?

Hi everyone i'm working on angularjs to display list of records in table . The difficulty i'm facing is to display the table in ascending order, i have used the alphabet record (X) which i need to dis
 ? express: how to send html together with css using sendFile?

var app = require('express')();app.get('/', function(req, res) { res.sendFile(__dirname + "/" + "index.html");});<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">The browser should load style.css on its
 ? Angular/bootstrap show specific form validation message

I'd like to have a required email input on a form, and I'd like to augment the input's label to show validity with specific messages. I tried the markup below (simplified, and a few variants). The a
 ? Angular Checkbox, initial value independend from ng-model

There are many postings on this topic, but none have met my requirements yet :(The problem is the following: I am about to control several devices, meaning i can only read and write in certain registe
 ? How to display tab as nav menu with media size in Angularjs?

I have three tabs and styling is also done. I need to create a nav menu with nav-icon after particular media screen size.When I click on that nav-icon it should show all tabs as list.I tried to imple
 ? Passing value from Django view to AngularJS inserted template

Is there a way to pass a value from a Django view to an AngularJS inserted template?In my view.py I have the code:count_users = Profile.objects.filter(user_id__gte = 0).count()context_dict = {'users':
 ? AngularJS conditional ng-option

I have an app angular that can be translate both in french and english. I'm using angular translate to do that. The problem is: I receive an array of object from an API and in those object, I have a p
 ? Cannot populate values in select box using ng-options

I have a select box as <select ng-model="ctrl.project.customerAccess" ng-options="c.customerAccessValue for c in customerAccessValues"> </sel
 ? How do I generate nested DOM elements based on an AJAX result in Angular?

I'm new to Angular so be gentle with me! I'm looking at rendering subsection DOM elements based on an AJAX response, how do I go about implementing the below in Angular?On page load a list of section
 ? how to use the get() function in the $http service

I learning the $http service but I am not clear on this regarding the get(). below code doesn't execute demo2.htm. Please check and advise where i made the mistake.var app = angular.module('myApp', []
 ? How can I solve the translation of promises?

I'm newbie angular2. I'm making a website to start playing this platform. The problem is that when I query the API news can not transform objects correctly. Although I think there is a problem with th
 ? AngularJs: Unknown provider: $resourceProvider <- $resource <- DonorerCtrl

I am trying to load in a list of "donors" for my angular application. I get the data from an API, but I doesn't work the way I want it to. I get this error: $resourceProvider <- $resource <- D
 ? Angular fails to bind expression

I am trying to build a simple web app that communicates with an external API , for the first step i wish to check if my controller,service-html integration is all in placed , so I'm tying to bind a si
 ? AngularJS Won't Recognize Multiple Controllers in Single HTML File

I'm finding a weird instance where I am trying to use multiple AngularJS controllers on a single HTML page, and the page will either a, recognize only one of the controllers, or b, recognize none of t

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