? Wait for element to load when testing an iOS app using Appium and Ruby?

I am testing an iOS app, and can't interact with the elements after logging in because Appium is going too fast.Can someone please point me to an example of using a WebDriverWait style of waiting for
 ? What does it mean to "execute a command in an Xcode project"?

I'm reading this setup documentation for Appium (iOS), and I'm a little confused at what they mean by "executing the following command in the Xcode project:" Do I have to run the command from the proj
 ? Unable to run Appium server

I'm fairly new to automation testing and thought I'd give appium a try. I'm trying to run a test script in ruby however I keep getting the same errorUsers/matt/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.2/gems/appium_lib-3.0
 ? Can I auto-increment the CFBundleVersion value in the Info.plist file using Visual Studio?

I've seen solutions to doing this with Xcode and even Xamarin Studio, but nothing with Visual Studio.Ideally, I'd like for every single build of the project to auto-increment the CFBundleVersion value
 ? MVVM, dependency injection and too many constructor parameters

I have been doing iOS development using MVVM and dependency injection for a couple of months and I am really happy with the results. The code is so much clear and easier to test. But I have been strag
 ? XCODE, building for iOS - undefined symbols for architecture armv7

looks like I am not the first, who is asking about this issue but I need to try. Does anybody encountered this problem?Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_GSDK_GTMSessionFetcher"
 ? How can I resolve the issue of taking lot of memory space for loading images in retina display devices?

I am developing an iPad paint application in which user can paint N number of images and have a gallery to export painted images to different social networks etc.Here the issue is that I am getting a
 ? ObjC Object Memory Profiling / Parse iOS 128kB Limit

I have an object which Parse is refusing to let me save because of it's 128kB limit... Following along with this handy SO post: Checking the size of an object in Objective-C, I was able to output the
 ? PDF is not attached phonegap email composer

I'm using the following plugin to send an email from a iphone phongeap app (using ionic): https://github.com/katzer/cordova-plugin-email-composerEverything works fine except when I try to attach a pdf
 ? Running QML or Qt on iOS

We've searched the net for this matter but couldn't find a proper answer.It is known that lighthouse project is for porting Qt programs to IOS but there's no documentation about using it or compiling
 ? Compiling Qt for iOS (UIKit lighthouse)

I've been trying to compile Qt for iOS, but I've been having some crazy problems that noone else seems to be having (at least according to what I read in the past day).I followed the instructions from
 ? Ionic app image upload from camera / photo library

I'm working on a ionic chat app where the user can upload a photo as part of their message. I'm looking for a way to upload the image to my webhost server so I can retrieve it later via a URL.The prob
 ? Get working Ionic + ngCordova + background geolocation

Goal of the app: get geolocation on each move and log location either when app is in foreground and background.I've tried so many code and combination but I can't manage to have it working (2 days fro
 ? ngCordova Camera - Take square pictures like instagram (iOS)?

I have my Ionic app taking pictures with the ngCordova camera plugin, but I want the pictures to be square. I also need an overlay if possible that shows which area is going to be cropped. Here is the
 ? ngCordova Camera does not open camera but photo album

I am using exactly the following example from the offical website - thus setting the sourceType to CAMERA and not PHOTOLIBRARY.var options = { quality: 50, destinationType: Camera.Destinatio
 ? Swift 'defer' keyword causes Segmentation Fault

This is occurring on an entirely new Xcode project. The first class I added is a subclass of UIView, which works fine like this:class CIHomeView: UIView {init() { super.init(frame: CGRectZero) p

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