? gRpc protogen java codegen

I was able to download protoc-gen-grpc-java-0.9.0 from Maven Central and use with protoc.exe via the --plugin switch. Is protoc-gen-grpc-java-0.12.0 available as a single file download somewhere? I n
 ? Obfuscate dependencies to single jar with Proguard

I have modular maven application and "module1" depends on "module2" and "module2" depends on "module3" etc.. In module1 I have something like this:<profile><id>obfuscate</id><buil
 ? combination of shade, proguard and appassembler maven plugins

I'm trying to build and obfuscate a multi module project using maven. I use the shade plugin to create a fat jar containing all of my own class files(every module) so that I could obfuscate the fat ja
 ? Publishing artifacts with sources on archiva

At work I'm dipping my toes in managing project dependencies with maven. We use Apache Archiva (1.2.1) as a local repository and proxy. I'm adding artifact for open source project, that is not publish
 ? How do i set Maven to retrieve dependencies first from my own remote repository (Archiva)?

How do i set Maven to retrieve external dependencies first from my own remote repository (using Archiva), and if its not found, Archiva will download from external sources, and at the same time saves
 ? How to force authentication to Archiva internal repository?

big problem. My Archiva internal repo (and maybe snapshot repo, although I don't know yet as I have not put any snapshots in there yet) seem to be accessible to the public.I.e. if someone wanted the s
 ? Issue pulling SNAPSHOT dependencies from Archiva snapshot repository

I've been setting up an Apache Archiva instance as both a proxy to Maven Central and to capture our development snapshots. I've managed to setup the proxy and I can deploy artifacts to the Archiva sna
 ? Cannot download 3rd party maven artifacts via apache archiva

I am not able to download 3rd party maven artifacts via apache archiva. I added third-party repository to archiva repositories and I created new Proxy Connector for it.Do I need to do somehing more?Co
 ? Apache archiva not able to connect to central

I setup apache archiva using simple wayarchiva startI am using default internal repository to test connection to central by executing following from my browserhttp://localhost:8080/repository/internal
 ? How to use Apache Archiva with Maven?

I have set up Apache Archiva and added a couple of files to it:Everything looks good, I think.I have updated my settings.xml file to include the profile:I then add the above mentioned dependency to my
 ? Create step definition option is not visible in IDEA for cucumber

I have defined a Gherkin steps for simple test case as follows. But I'm unable to see the option of "Create step definitions" when I mouse hover over a step. Feature: This is a test feature Scenario:
 ? yuicompressor-maven-plugin not working at mvn install or designated phase

Here is the maven pom.xml build session<build> <pluginManagement> <plugins> <plugin> <artifactId>maven-compiler-plugin
 ? YUI Compressor Maven Mojo doesn't compress files for package war:war

I just want my files to be compressed when packaging the project into a war file. I'm kinda new to Maven, this is the first plugin for packaging that I'm trying to use. I followed the instructions fro
 ? Maven, yuicompressor, filter and maven-war-plugin: compress only for the PROD

I have following pom.xml: <build> <finalName>edrive</finalName> <sourceDirectory>src/main/java</sourceDirectory> <resources> <resource>
 ? Bintray dependencies won't download in InteliJ

I created a simple kotlin project in InteliJ 2017.1I wanted to add dependency to this library for starters: https://github.com/JetBrains/ExposedI added maven framework, and edited pom.xml so it looks
 ? maven-jaxb2-plugin Fail to Generate WSDL Schema

I'm trying to generate a schema by using WSDL URL, but failed and got this error code: Execution default of goal org.jvnet.jaxb2.maven2:maven-jaxb2-plugin:0.12.3:generate failed: Plugin org.jvnet.j

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