? Select first value from list using expression builder - Access 2013

I'm currently trying to set the default value of a combobox to the first value in that combobox using the expression builder. The box is populated by a table with one column. I'm quite new to Access,
 ? How to combine two fields in Form to one field from Microsoft Access?

An example is trying to combine first name and last name into fullname from a table thats called employee. What expression do I type in the Control Source? I've typed FullName: [First] & " " &
 ? Expression Builder giving different values for a field in Percent, Fixed and General Number formats

I am using Expression Builder to set the value for a calculated field which is supposed to be a percentage. In Expression Builder, this is my statement be executed Usage: ((([UsedHeight]*[UsedWidth])/
 ? Return none null entries with expression builder

I have an excel table that has a column called "Wire", the column is marked "x" if a wire is present is my list of materials. I imported this table into Microsoft Access Web App. For primary data belo
 ? Random number using Date() in Expression Builder

I want to generate random number using Date() to format it like for example: ddmmyyyyHhNnSsHow do I achieve that? Is that even possible?I was kinda hoping I can do it easy way by the expression builde
 ? Use MSChart with Access Database

I am creating a student database project in vb6 and I need to display a graph of the students results. I could not find any good tutorials on how to do it. I found this how to create Mschart in VB6? b
 ? Event that fires when a form changes

I have form that displays information on a project. Most of the fields on the form are bound to a Project table and display and update as bound fields do. However, I also have 10 checkboxes that come
 ? microsoft access goods web database adding to montly report

I downloaded the microsoft goods web database from microsoft's template library. this is their link I was hoping to add onto the monthly reports my profit along side the sales, (or if necessary create
 ? Tab to first field of subform in MS Access

In MS Access, how can I tab form the last field of the main form to the first field on the first subform? As it is, wen I tab form the last field of the main form it moves to the last used field (usua
 ? Need help determining date of change in versioned data using MS Access

I am working with the versioned data that creates new records every time a value is changed on a customer record. Due to system constraints, I have to use MS Access to accomplish this.I am attempting
 ? (ColdFusion + Access) Database Query Error "Too few parameters."

I'm about to rip my hair out with this one.Error Executing Database Query.[Macromedia][SequeLink JDBC Driver][ODBC Socket][Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 3.The e
 ? insert from radio button to MS access database by coldfusion

I'm trying to insert values from radio buttons to database. Below is my js code: for (i = 0; i < document.form.repnumber.value; i++) { newInnerHTML = newInnerHTML +'Name: <input
 ? MS-access wrong date format when converting field from text to date/time

I have an access database given to me where all the dates are stored in a text field in the format mm/dd (eg: 3/13/2009 12:20:36 AM)I want to convert the field to a date/time but access formats it as
 ? Microsoft Access 2010: Query and Form

I have a form(not connected to any query or a table) with 3 option button in a frame named "gender" named (male, female, Both) with values(1,2,3), i built a query and wanted to fetch some data from a
 ? how can i populate textbox through VBA in MS Access

I have a table RR_info which hold following fields RR_ID, HR_ID, No_of_Beds, Room_Category. Now i want that through VBA code with Form_load event I should populate textboxes for all these table fields
 ? Textbox Field Name in access

Got this error #Name? on my text-box field..my Field Name in my design View a same as the One in my Control Source property text-box but I'm not sure why i still got this error..Can someone shares som

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