? How to create a Calculated Column in MySQL?

I'm working on a sports bookkeeping project and would like to create a calculated field. There are four values that are of interest:risk: how much was riskedodds: a float value (e.g 2.5)result: 'W', '
 ? setting a column name dynamically in a subquery

I have 2 tables. One called purchases with (id, month, purchase, storeid) and the other called purchases_targets with (id, storeid, target1,target2, target3, target4, target5, target6, target7, tar
 ? Setting new column values based on primary key lookup in another table

I have a table I want to add an extra column to, where the values in the column are defined by primary key lookup on another table. I can do this easily by creating a new table with the original tabl
 ? MySql multiple columns subquery

I have a table like below.Gowden | Year Month Stock Item Plan_Stock(In Tons) Avail_Stock(In Tons)GD1 | 2015 | Jun | White Rice | 20 | 15GD1 | 2015 | Jun | Wheat |
 ? MySQL 5.7 GENERATED ALWAYS column defined as subquery

I can't seem to find an issue with my query. I have four tables:agency_infoequipment_takenequipment_weightmission_overviewIn mission_overview is a column totalWeightInKG, which I want to be calculated
 ? Is the computation of generated column triggered always when update a row?

I have a table in MySQL 5.7 with dozens of columns. One of them is a generated column (Stored, not Virtual) which use a large expression to computed the value based on column A, B and C so I guess tha
 ? Insert a point into a mysql column

I'm trying to insert a point into a mysql column. However, when I try to retrieve the point, it says just "?? ??"CREATE TABLE geom (g GEOMETRY);ALTER TABLE geom ADD pt POINT;INSERT INTO geom VALUES (G
 ? Simple Express program for querying a result

I have a snippet of Express codeBelow what i am trying to do is pass the table name to keyName by extracting from the requestBut I am facing deaslocki wanted to know whether i am following proper prot
 ? Storing Images in server using ExpressJS

I am new to programming and I am trying to store images which i recieve as POST request from my Client to my serverClient:: AndroidServer:: ExpressJS running on AWSDatabase i am using :: MySQLIn MySQL
 ? will_paginate and "late row offset" issues

Maybe I am making an assumption with the topic of this question, but, here's the situation.I have a fairly big table - 5.4 million rows - in mysql, behind my Rails 4 app.I'm using datatables and searc
 ? how to structure the data in tables format?

I have the following data in .dat format which i opened in excel and it turns out this way1::Toy Story (1995)::Animation|Children's|Comedy2::Jumanji (1995)::Adventure|Children's|Fantasy3::Grumpier Old
 ? Keeping id's unique Client Side and Server Side

i am scrubbing my head now for hours to solve thw following situation:Several Html Forms on a webpage are identified by an id. Users can create forms on the clients side themselves and fill in data. H
 ? How to save ios object or view parameters to server?

What is the best way to save object parameters to DB in ios? => like sending values to server application and server will save the parameters to db? And later that ios-app will get the properties and
 ? Group by title sum of data

I have two tables like belowtable1:campid --- user_id -- title1 ----- 101 ----- abc2 ----- 107 ----- xyz3 ----- 111 ----- xmp4 ----- 101 ----- pop5 ----- 101 ----- xza6 ----- 107 ----- xvctable2:expid
 ? How I can know what encoding is used for a given hex?

I'm upgrading an application from rails 2.3 to rails 5. One problem that we have is with encodings on db, we are using mysql.On the rails 2.3 application, if you query the db for our field you get the
 ? Data visualization tool for database-query results

i looking for a tool, that can visualize the result of database query (MySQL, SQLite3 etc.)For example, i would like to have results of following query (it is SQLite3 syntax) ...SELECT count(*) FROM v

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