? Dynamic Ip Changer

I am a newbie VB.NET 2005 programmer. I would like to develop an application that does not show my real IP Address instead it shows some fake IP Address. There is a commercial Application called "HIDE
 ? Network Link Conditioner seems to have no effect on network behavior on Lion, Mountain Lion

The Network Link Conditioner preference pane (installed from the "Hardware IO Tools for Xcode - Late July 2012" DMG on the Apple developer site) doesn't appear to have any effect when turned on. The o
 ? What does Failure of Web server exactly mean?

What really happens when the web server fails ? I know the usual thing that the Website will be down and the page I have requested is inaccessible. The cause might be external like too many incoming r
 ? How to get Call Details Records from Cisco Call Manager express

I have a cisco call manager express and I don't know how to extract CDR ( call details reports) please any help !! There are three options for outputting CDRs from a voice gateway, including one r
 ? Is it possible to edit the cover-area of my wifi?

I have 3 wifi shared by 3 different computers. I want to change the cover-area of the WIFI signal so that those 3 area have not overlap to each other. Is it possible to change the cover-area? (i.e. ed
 ? Get wired MAC address from computer/server

I am thinking about using the wired MAC-adr as a unique value in a program. So i need to be sure the MAC-adr is the wired one and NOT the wireless.$mac = gwmi -computer $compname win32_NetworkAdapterC
 ? Local DNS override works randomly with Bind

I have a Bind DNS server on my local network to get *.home resolution, and a forwarders section for every other domains. I also have a local web server which serve some subdomains of *.mydomain.com fr
 ? DNS answer returning NS records without IP addresses , is this normal?

In my application, I have to send notification e-mails from time to time. In order to send mail (over SMTP), I have to get the MX server of that particular domain (domain part of e-mail address). This
 ? Display the network connection 2g/3g or 4g in a toast

I would like to display in a toast which network connection is available. But when I start my app it shows me the layout, but it doesn't make a toast.Did I forget something?// Now i shows every second
 ? Chrome/Firefox extension to kill network communication?

So I'm building a web app, and I want to emulate a network failure in browser to see if the client side javascript handles it gracefully. I know I can just disconnect my network connection, but that a
 ? Haskell Network.Browser HTTPS Connection

Is there a way to make https calls with the Network.Browser package.I'm not seeing it in the documentation on Hackage.If there isn't a way to do it with browse is there another way to fetch https page
 ? What is the Significance of Pseudo Header used in UDP/TCP

Why is the Pseudo header prepended to the UDP datagram for the computation of the UDP checksum? What's the rational behind this? From the TCP or UDP point of view, the packet does not contain IP ad
 ? UNSAF method for UDP in rfc 4787

I was going through rfc 4787 and the author mentions about UNSAF method .What is UNSAF method ? As selbie says UNSAF is defined in RFC 3424 and means UNilateral Self-Address Fixing.When a client is
 ? why we use one's complement in ipv4 header checksum algorithm?

I wonder why we use one's complement method for ipv4 header checksum, like in the UDP case for simplicity. I understand how it wokrs (one's complement of one's complement sum of header packets), it ju
 ? IP checksum calculation incorrect

im having trouble with computing the correct ip checksum of my packets. Here is the code and i will explain what im doing and what is going wrong..u_short checkSum(u_short *data, int byteCount){int i,
 ? IP header checksum: 0x0000

I have a JAX-RS web service which is secured via TLS. Hence encryption is very important I decided to check the network traffic with RawCap and analyze it with WireShark. Doing this, I stumbled over t

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