? Angular 2 + NodeJS + Mongoose - post data from angular 2 to rest api nodejs backend. Node api logs: OPTION /url, POST headers doesnt work

I have issue with posting data from angular2 frontend api to backend client - nodeJS + mongoose. On Angular2 client I make console.log using data, which I'am sending, and service display correct value
 ? Angular resource action resulting in nested req in node/express

I'm building an AngularJS and NodeJS/Express application. All AngularJS resources are operating as expected except for the custom action I added which results in req.params and req.body in Express bei
 ? node uploading file $http.post from angularjs has undefined req.body

I'm building a file upload functionality with my angularjs app that would upload a file to my node api that will ftp to a cdn server. Right now I'm stuck with just getting hte file. I tried using mult
 ? Node.js/q why this function doesn't get called?

I've this code:/** * On message received */socket.on('message', function (message) { global.logger.info('%s : message : %s', address.address, message); execute(message, socket) .then(func

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