? Shouldn't the compiler warn me that class does not respond to copyWithZone?

Assume that in some class interface I declare a property with the "copy" attribute which is an instance of another class which does not implement "-copyWithZone". Say for instance@interface Dog: NSObj
 ? Disable NSToolbar customisation via window's toolbar button?

I am looking to disable the Command + Click combination on a toolbar button (located top-right) in a Cocoa window. I would still like to let the user show and hide the toolbar, but I do not want them
 ? Editing Info.plist possible programmatically?

I have set my Facebook-AppId in the Info.plist. But I wish to edit it because its dynamic.How shall I do it programmatically? Probably write in info.plist is not good idea and it doesn't work becau
 ? Stop text from wrapping with NSLayoutManager

Given any arbitrary, one-line string, my goal is to render it into a bitmap representation. However, I have no means of finding out its dimensions beforehand, so I am reduced to getting the glyph ran
 ? Custom performance profiler for Objective C

I want to create a simple to use and lightweight performance profile framework for Objective C. My goal is to measure the bottlenecks of my application. Just to mention that I am not a beginner and I
 ? How can I track down memory peaks? (That's peaks with a p, not an l.)

I've got a kiosk app, which, essentially shows a bunch of slides with various bits of information on them. I initially began coding this over a year ago, when I was beginning with Objective-C and iOS
 ? Objective-c HTTP Basic authentication

How would i go about replicating this in objective-ccurl -u rick@email.com:mypassword http://foo.lighthouseapp.com/projects.xmlI've been playing around with the ASIHTTPRequest library but can't seem t

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