? How can I make my Rust function more generic & efficient?

I have a function that works, but is more specialized than I'd like and has some inefficiencies, I'd like to fix that.The working but flawed function:fn iter_to_min<T>(i:T) -> i64 where T:Ite
 ? How can I get a flash object to load as fast using swfobject as it does via embed or iframe?

I'm using swfobject to load a flash object on my site and it's loading very slowly on pages with a lot of data...as if swfobject waits until the page loads before loading the swf.Here's an example pag
 ? Vectorization of nested loops and if statements in MATLAB

I am fairly new to the concept of vectorization in MATLAB so please excuse my naivety in this regard. I was trying to vectorize the following MATLAB code which includes if statements within nested for
 ? Does Google Analytics have performance overhead?

To what extent does Google Analytics impact performance?I'm looking for the following:Benchmarks (including response times/pageload times et al)Links or results to similar benchmarksOne (possible) met
 ? Live Binding with Automatic updates in XE3 (no need to call Notify() as in XE2)

I am currently using Delphi XE2, and heard about their new Live Binding with Automatic updates in XE3 (no need to call Notify() as in XE2).in C# or in Delphi XE2 we have to implement INotifyPropertyCh
 ? How can I improve the performance of this architecture?

I'm running a website that is CPU heavy due to a lot of thumbnailing of images.This is how I currently do things:User uploads image to serverServer keeps a copy, and stores the image on Amazon S3When
 ? Website response time test tool

My manager wants to know the speed of our website and its load times in different locations of the world, according to some speed testing websites / tools.What are the standard tools / procedures for
 ? Is it better to put script code in the page bottom or in third party library's dom ready function?

I want make my website to load faster, usually I put my code in the <head>, in some third party library's dom ready function, like jQuery.I read that if I put the script code directly in the bot
 ? Simplify Login for 3 Minute Users

The users that use my website come to my website 3 minutes per day. Therefore, I will lost traffic if I add login system that uses password. Logging in with passwords is too complex for 3 minute users
 ? Visual Studio 2012 slow compilation, high internet usage

When I compile my project in VS 2012, it takes forever (minute or 2). I have noticed, in my task manager, that the "System" is using internet connection heavily during the compilation.I have tried dis
 ? Web inspector profiling with "Frames": finding the cause of performance problems when nothing appears in the timeline

I just watched the Google I/O session Jank Busters: Building Performant Web Apps where the speakers explained how to use the new "Frames" view in the Chrome web inspector Timeline.Here's an example re
 ? Idle and Other times in Chrome Developer Tools. Why the browser is inactivity for so long?

What is included in "Idle" and "Other" times into Sumary of Timeline tab in Chrome Developer Tools?What causes so much inaction? Why do these occur?How to reduce these times? Is it possible?Why the br
 ? Performance impact of having a data access layer/service layer?

I need to design a system which has these basic components:A Webserver which will be getting ~100 requests/sec. The webserver only needs to dump data into raw data repository.Raw data repository which
 ? Simple Suggestion / Recommendation Algorithm

I am looking for a simple suggestion algorithm to implement in to my Web App. Much like Netflix, Amazon, etc... But simpler. I don't need teams of Phd's working to get a better suggestion metric. So s
 ? How to speed up dojo initialization?

How to speed up the initialization of rich dojo page, with many modules that are required?I'm making a Dojo 1.9 startup application, which in this moment has only GridX, without any additional dijit w
 ? ColdFusion: More efficient structKeyExists() instead of isDefined()

Which of these is more efficient in ColdFusion?isDefined('url.myvar')orstructKeyExists(url, 'myvar') These days (CF8+) the difference in speed is not that great. However, structKeyExists is indeed

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