? Using htaccess to check file in another directory

Ok, I am starting to wonder if this is even possible. I have been pouring over htaccess tutorials and examples and I just can't seem to get it working right.I have a script that creates dynamic images
 ? Protect files with .htaccess from the outside, while still allowing internal access

I created a login page that is processed in PHP, which then allows you to type in an itemID and an image is pulled up.Structure of the directory is the following: Webroot > (cgi-bin - css - error - im
 ? how to Protect Php file with the htaccess to protevent external use or a direct use

If someone for exemple try to use my php script or an external use or also a direct use I want to deny him.I have tried this in my htaccess : RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}
 ? Re-writing Dynamic URL with .htaccess

I'd like to remove the ".php" at the end of all webpagesANDrewrite my dynamic urls for the section "example.com/archive?url=..."What I got so far:Options -MultiViewsRewriteEngine onRewriteCond %{REQUE
 ? Spoof .php as .png in .htaccess?

I created a dynamic image script in PHP but I want to show it as .png.What is the .htaccess configuration to type domain.com/image/image.png and return the content of domain.com/image/image.php? As
 ? PHP: Handling Dynamic File Request

I'm developing a Web Application where the all the image requests are to be handled by the index.php page directly. For example, if a request is made for file image1.png, it is to be redirected to ind
 ? Dynamic content in Joomla Articles

I have some joomla articles. some values in that article has to be updated by data obtained through a soap call to other site. Is there any plugin available for joomla by which i can embed custom php
 ? Jquery Dynamic Form Elements - Problem

I've looked through the Related Questions section and I can't find an answer to this. I'm using PHP + Jquery. I added <input type='file' name='file[]' size='20 />' dynamically, using Jquery. How
 ? Dynamic Template Sheet?

I have 5 game sections that will use the same template sheet, but they will all pull data from a different table in mysql in the same database. However, I am incorporating this: How to include config.
 ? PHP(?) or jQuery(?) Best method to change metatags?

On my site, I present a slideshow of content, for which I'm using jquery. So the user will click on an arrow and the next div (which is hidden by default) will display. Within each div, (whether sho
 ? Generating dynamic HTML pages with PHP

I've been stuck up on this topic for a while. As a project to help me learn MySQL, PHP, and database security a while back, I created a lightweight blog system. It blew up on me and a few of my fellow
 ? Dynamically set comparison rules in a conditional?

I have three rules that the user can configure:1- As active or not, if it's active I have to use it in the conditional.2- The user can set the rules behaviour as '&&' or 'or'.3- Finally the us
 ? How to see response against GET request send from objective c cocoa to php

I am new to objective c and cocoa framework. i have made following code and send request to php from cocoa but cannot get response from php /server please help.NSString *fname=@"nam1";NSString *lname=
 ? Show progress for long running PHP script

I have a PHP that is likely to take 10 or (even much) more seconds. I would like to display progress for it for the user.In the executing class, I have a property $progress which is updated with the p
 ? Showing progress of long-running PHP script using jQuery progressbar

Sometimes jQuery's documentation makes me feel dumb as a post.I have an application that uses PHP on the server to process the creation of multiple orders (sometimes over a thousand). I'm trying to f
 ? upload large files in a browser with a progress bar, prefer no flash just js and php

what is the best way to build an upload widget that can handle large filesis there a great jquery plugin for this?I'd really love to have a progress bar without having to depend on flashwould need to

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