? Smarty PHP clashing with AngularJS

How do I stop Smarty throwing an error when I'm using AngularJS in the same template. I have a Smarty page template with this code: <li ng-repeat="i in items"> <p class="item">{{i}}&l
 ? PHP NTLM Authentication to Active Directory + keeping session

I've got NTLM (Active Directory) based service, and I need to write a PHP application. Normally, users are logging in to website with Activre Directory credentials, and it's ok. But what I want to do,
 ? AngularJS $http.post() promise returns no data

this is my first time working with angular and after a lot of time spent on online tutorials and guides I ended up getting stuck in sessions management. Everithing works fine except that when I do the
 ? PHP nusoap call returns bool false instead of complexType array

I'm trying to get a complex type from a php server with an operation to get an array of animals (complex type defined in the wsdl), this array is defined as ConjuntAnimals as an array of Animal object
 ? How does AngularJS $resource send updated data

I've just started trying to learn AngularJS and am trying to get a simple app working which just displays and updates items from a MySQL database.I really need help!I have a PHP rest API that is handl
 ? laravel No supported encrypter found. The cipher and / or key length are invalid

I am building a project using Laravel. It was working fine on localhost, but when I upload it to the server (the server has comodo ssl installed), I receive the following error:RuntimeException in Enc
 ? Lumen API + Laravel guzzlehttp response 500 Internal Server Error

I am working on a Lumen + Laravel application wherein Lumen is my RESTful API while my Laravel is the web app itself.Laravel 5.2.0Lumen 5.1.6I have installed guzzlehttp on my Laravel web app for API r
 ? Laravel 5.2 Ajax internal server error 500

I'm using Laravel 5.2 with ajax but I have internal server error 500 when I click on the link for example. Here my code . . .Blade file:<a class="delete" href="#" data-userid="{{ $user->id }}"&g
 ? Laravel 5.1/AngularJS: Reset password in Angular view (how to validate CSRF token?)

I managed to adjust the default Laravel auth so that it will work as an API for my AngularJS, and so far everything works well. Can go to /reset and enter an email and get sent an email with a passwor
 ? Yii 1.1.17: CSRF token validation fails with POST via Angular Controller

I have an Yii application in which I have a link (outside a form) triggering an Angular controller posting some data. The problem is that Yii does not validate the CSRF token when that happens.My raw

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