? How to draw segments (geom_segment) dynamically in R ggplot?

Given a fixed set of points, I can plot them and add explicit code to connect some of them with geom_segment. If I had a separate data source with all segments' coordinates, is there a way to add a lo
 ? How do you create a progress bar when using the "foreach()" function in R?

there are some informative posts on how to create a counter for loops in an R program. However, how do you create a similar function when using the parallelized version with "foreach()"? Edit: Aft
 ? How to add progress bar inside dplyr chain in R

I like dplyr's "progress_estimated" function but I can't figure out how to get a progress bar to work inside a dplyr chain. I've put a reproducible example with code at the bottom here.I have a pretty
 ? Scoping assignment and local, bound and global variable in R

I am new to R and trying to figure out behavior of local,bound and global variables. I am confused with the following problem. If I write the function in the following way, then what are the local, bo
 ? Loading text file into R to analyze chat log

So, I have been trying to turn a text file (each line is a chat log) into R to turn it into a data frame and further tidy the data.I am using read.Lines so I can have each log as a single line. Becaus
 ? Unexpected 'else' in "else" error

I get this error: Error: unexpected 'else' in " else"From this if, else statement:if (dsnt<0.05) { wilcox.test(distance[result=='nt'],distance[result=='t'],alternative=c("two.sided"),paired=TR
 ? if else Error: unexpected '}' in "}" in R

This question already has an answer here: if/else constructs inside and outside functions 2 answers If you're e
 ? Generating data based on condition using R code

Suppose I want to generate X and Y condition of previous object of X and probability (F). My algorithm: In a particular day one individual have status 1/0. If status 0 then status of the next day will
 ? Combine Voronoi polygons and maps

I would like to combine Voronoi polygons with map, in order to use this later for spatial analysis. I have number of points and shapefile that i want to combine and then save as shapefile/spatial poly
 ? Split polygon parts of a single SpatialPolygons Object

In R, I have single SpatialPolygons object (i.e. multi-polygons) containing several hundred polygons. I would like to split this SpatialPolygons object into a list of Polygons (i.e. holes should remai
 ? How to plot polygons on leaflet using R?

I have a simple problem that I am facing while in try to plot a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame on top of Leaflet using R. My code is as below:leaflet() %>% addProviderTiles("CartoDB.Positron") %>%
 ? How can I get R to use more CPU usage?

I noticed that R doesn't use all of my CPU, and I want to increase that tremendously (upwards to 100%). I don't want it to just parallelize a few functions; I want R to use more of my CPU resources. I
 ? How to use R to solve/pick the best people for a job - with restraints?

I'm fairly new to R and I'm trying to write a script for what I used to do with Solver in Excel. In my data below, I have a list of workers with job types A-E. Each worker has a salary and a product
 ? Integer Programs - How to force the solution to be in multiples of an integer?

So I'm trying to create this IP that has an optimal solution where all the variables are integers, and are all in multiples of a number, like 3. ( so the variables in the solution would have to be eit
 ? Keeping the ID Key (Or Any Other Column) When Scoring a New Data Set?

This is probably a dumb question, but when I use the H2O Predict function in R, I am wondering if there is a way that I can specify that it keep a column or columns from the scoring data. Specifically
 ? How to subtract grouped consequential data in R

I am student computer science student and novice R user.Below is my Dataframe.set.seed(1234)df <- data.frame( sex = rep(c('M','F'), 10), profession = rep(c('Doctor

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