? SweetAlert2 click confirm while testing

I'm trying to click the sweetalert popup in my rails tests but it keeps telling me that it cannot find the button. My code looks like this:it "should delete dummy user", js: true do user = FactoryGir
 ? ng-file-upload with multiple file upload and progress bar

I want to upload multiple files to rails server and want to show separate progress bar for each files. I am using ng-file-upload to upload files. files are getting uploaded but it showing progress for
 ? Ruby Is a string present within another string (using a regexp)?

Is there a present? method in ruby to check if a string is present within an other? I'd want to return as soon as a match is found since I will be checking for multiple substrings. Thanks! I believ
 ? Syntax for if/else statement in Haml - unexpected keyword else?

I just switched to HAML and converting my erb to haml. I am experiencing an error (unexpected keyword else) when setting up the code as I think it should look:= if signed_in? %li= link_to "Users", '#
 ? What's causing "NoMethodError: undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass"

I have a Book model in my Rails application, with various properties (aka columns in the book db table). One of these properties is "ranking".Recently, may app has started to throw NoMethodError: unde
 ? undefined method `topics_path'

Not sure what this means and why... I got the undefined method error when I try to go to http://localhost:3000/forums, and after I generate my first forum. ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method
 ? undefined method `coordinates' for nil:NilClass

I'm new to Rails and trying to figure out an issue with a Rails 2.3.14 site. The problem is this store locator i'm trying to fix keeps returning undefined method `coordinates' for nil:NilClasswhen i
 ? Undefined Method in ruby on rails

I am new to Ruby on Rails and im stuck on something so simple but I just cant figure it out.I scaffolded a Video model, controller and view and then created a Welcome controller for the home page.I ma
 ? Undefined method, avatar and name for nil:NilClass

undefined method avatar?' for nil:NilClassundefined methodname' for nil:NilClassHi, I'm receiving the following errors in my partial. The reason I listed both is because after commenting out the line
 ? undefined method `premium?' for nil:NilClass

I am getting the following error when I try to click on the wiki show view of my application, but only when I am not signed in as a user (and I want the wiki show view to be public), and I cannot figu
 ? undefined method `default_image' for nil:NilClass

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `default_image' for nil:NilClass): 409: 410: <!-- Image --> 411: <div class="image"> 412: <% if @product.default_image %>
 ? NoMethodError in OrderController#new

I'm taking an online Web Development class and unfortunately the instructor does not respond to emails. During this assignment I'm running into an error when trying to create a checkout screen for my
 ? Using delayed_job on a non-ActiveRecord class

I'm attempting to use handle_asynchronously on a method of a class, as per the following:class MyClass def publish_stream(opts={}) # . . . end handle_asynchronously :publish_streamendWhen delaye
 ? Rails.env undefined in Rails 2

I have an older application running Ruby on Rails 2.2, and I'm having trouble getting a gem to work because it can't find the current environment with Rails.env:$ script/console>> Rails.envNoMet
 ? Export as CSV accessing elements of an array and inserting line breaks

I have a document stored in Mongo inside the jobs collection that looks like this:"products" : [ { "id" : "51bc0cc39727911120000145", "price" : 19, "quantity" : 1, "tax" : 0 }, { "id" :
 ? LinkedIn: Exchange JSAPI token to REST's OAuth token

I'm working on a website which has the api (Ruby on Rails) and the client (Angular JS) on separated servers.As of that, I authenticate the user on the client with LinkedIn, I post the received data to

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