? How to pass currently signed in user id to resolve block in ui-router state? (AngularJS)

I'm trying to pass the currently signed-in user to the resolve block of a 'user' state (I'm using ui-router), so upon sign-in, user will be in url of .../users/:id.Other routes are nested inside :user
 ? Problems parsing parameters from Angular post in Rails controller

I have an Angular.js app that sends a POST request to a Rails server endpoint and I'm having trouble passing and reading the parameters.This is how I send the data$scope.submitForm = function(info) {
 ? Rails duplicated the parameters inside the resource

I am using the Angular Resource and I don't understand why Rails duplicated the parameters and put it inside the resource name. I just need to understand why this is happening.// post data{"title":"as
 ? Submitting Form with Angularjs-rails throws error because of Angular Resource

When the page loads, the resource throws a 404 because the $resource is reading nil for :city_id. I am beginning with angularjs so any clarification is appreciated. The form entries fail to persist be
 ? Polymorphic rails relations in Angularjs application

Many tutorials cover the simple nesting in Rails model when working with AngularJS.But I spent almost a week trying to implement polymorphic relations into angular controllers.I have organization with
 ? Rails 4 add unexpected param in AngularJS resource post

When doing a ng-resource post to my Rails 4 app, rails is not adding the correct params, indeed it is adding an unexpected param called 'base' in the post.My service:App.factory('Rule', ['$resource',
 ? Getting ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [OPTIONS] "/users" when trying to POST data to RAils server with AngularJS

Having issue when trying to POST data to Rails server from my AngularJS side.The server error: ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [OPTIONS] "/users"): actionpack (4.1.9) lib/action_disp

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