? How to checkout a Ruby gem project for local development?

For example, consider the fluentd project: https://github.com/fluent/fluentd/blob/master/bin/fluentdAfter I have perform a git clone, I can run the server inside the bin folder, e.g../bin/fluentd And
 ? Issue : Fluentd gem installation on Windows 7

I am facing an issue with FLUENTD gem installation.Issue::C:\RailsInstaller\Ruby1.9.3\bin>gem install fluentd-0.10.32.gem Temporarily enhancing PATH to include DevKit... Building native extension
 ? how to convert ruby gem->ruby app->create web services out of different functionalities of that app

I am very new to Ruby so please excuse me if my question sounds silly...I want to use a Ruby based logging framework called Fluentd-- it is available for installation as a Ruby Gem.How do I convert th
 ? How to trigger ng-dblclick with Watir

Our development department is using AngularJS to build web applications.And I'm looking into automated testing because it will save us a lot of time.I found Watir to be very useful while testing... th
 ? How to chain methods in ruby passing the output of one method to consecutive methods

How can I pass the results of a method to another method in ruby?eg:class D def initialize(text) @text = text end def a s "hello #{s}" end def b s "hi #{s}" endendSo, what I want to
 ? What is the ruby equivalent of Go defer?

I am a new to Ruby and I am working on a project which involves using this. Go offers the defer statement, and I wanted to know how I could replicate that function in ruby.Example:dst, err := os.Creat

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