? Using Spring Boot together with gRPC and Protobuf

Anyone having any examples or thoughts using gRPC together with Spring Boot? If it's still relevant for you, I've created gRPC spring-boot-starter here.grpc-spring-boot-starter auto-configures and
 ? Using gRPC communicate Spring Boot application together with consul or Eureka

How can we use grcp communication with spring boot application. And how we can use common service discovery method for use with grpc to get end point of spring boot application. For service discove
 ? Best use of mvc calls + thymeleaf

Should I use directly my DAO class (for example UserDao) from thymeleaf template? Or should I use a wrapper (for example; UserDaoController) with all interesting calls to UserDao?My controller:@Reques
 ? Spring integration-graph: It is posible to show components within profiles or imports?

I'm used to work with a spring-context.xml with a "beans" root tag, where I write the whole app configuration. That way, I can see integration-graph from STS 3.6.4.Now I want to divide some components
 ? Modular Java Web Application

We have a rich web application based in Java & Spring framework which have many functionalities and classes. recently something sparked in my mind that why not we provide modularity to make it eve
 ? How to keep request parameters after redirect?

I'm trying to resolve a bug when I send a form with an empty input.This is my methode:@RequestMapping(value = "/modifier.html", method = RequestMethod.POST)public String modifier(ModelMap map, @ModelA
 ? DTO has only null with GET request params, but not POST @RequestBody

I'm trying to get my query params in a DTO like in this question but my DTO has always null value.Is there anything wrong in my code ? I made it as simple as possible.Queries: GET http://localhost:808
 ? How do I combine Facet and FilterQueries using Spring data Solr?

Is it possible to combine a facet and field query in spring data solr? Something that would build a query like this:> http://localhost:8983/solr/myCore/select?q=lastName%3AHarris*&fq=filterQuer
 ? How to solve Unparseable date:error in spring-boot

I having difficulty trying to solve an error with my date in Spring. I think i have exhausted almost all the solution on stack overflow an i still do not have a solution. I have implement a customDate
 ? CUCM AXL API wrong SoapAction

I want to make SQL query to CUCM DB. I generated Java classes from WSDL with Maven jaxb2 plugin, but Cisco AXL docs advice to use wsdl2java. I've got lot of Java classes with Req/Res endings (request
 ? Spring - web pages using XSLT

I'm new in XSLT and I would know what is the best solution to integrate XSLT into Spring web application. I found quick example here, but all in all I had troubles with proper character encoding and s
 ? Spring - XSLT, switching from Xalan to Saxon

I had simple class:import org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl;public class HomePageXsltController extends AbstractXsltView {protected Source createXsltSource(Map model, String rootName,
 ? How do I print exception stack traces in my log while suppressing other Spring DEBUG messages?

I’m using Spring 3.2.11.RELEASE and JBoss 7.1.3.Final. In my JBoss standalone.xml file, I have the following setting <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:logging:1.1"> <console-hand
 ? what is %-4relative in logback.xml log pattern specification

What does %-4relative mean? I can't find a definition anywhere."%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS} %-4relative [%thread] %-5level %logger{35} - %msg%n" /> In logback %relative means print relative timesta
 ? Integrating apache camel with CXf in tomcat

Since last few days I'm trying to integrate apache camel with cxf and trying to deploy it in tomcat server.After running throgh maven build becomes successfuly , & when i deploy it into tomcat ser
 ? jetty-maven-plugin and loadTimeWeaver

can't seem to have my spring webapp working with jetty-maven plugingi always getorg.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'loadTimeWeaver': Initialization

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