? Search table based on infromation from another table

I have created a temporary that has been populated correctly but now I want to search another table based on two fields that are contained within my temporary table. These fields are Forename and Surn
 ? Resultset not correct with JOIN between two table

I have this query. It works but not correctly.SELECT mc.Quantity as Production, mc.Data as Date, mc.Machine as Equipment, mc.DesignSpeed, k.Value, SUM(l.DurationInMinutes)/60 as Dur
 ? Select inside select

A newbie here. So please be kind :-)I have 2 Tables namely Item & Item Entries. Relation is: Item.No = ItemEntries.No. In Item Entries Table I have Columns as Qty, Entry type, Purchase Amount, Sal
 ? SQL Server: aggregate to single result

I have this querySELECT Client.ClientNo, Client.ContactName, Deal.Currency, MAX(Deal.DealDate)FROM DealJOIN Client ON Deal.ClientNo = Client.ClientN
 ? ORA-00979: NOT A GROUP BY Expression Working with Dates in Oracle

This question already has an answer here: ORA-00979 not a group by expression 6 answers Re-write the query like
 ? Convert varchar date with text to datetime

I have a varchar(255) column in my SQL database containing timestamps. I need to convert this to a datetime format. However I am not sure which cast/convert is appropriate.Format looks like:DDD, DD MM
 ? Count order of overlapping date ranges in SQL

I'm not sure if the title quite paints the correct picture, but I'll attempt to explain. I have a table with start and end dates, and team members IDs (sort of like projects). I need to determine when
 ? Is it possible to output a SELECT state from a PL/SQL block?

How can I get a PL/SQL block to output the results of a SELECT statement the same way as if I had done a plain SELECT?For example how do a SELECT like:SELECT foo, bar FROM foobar;Hint :BEGINSELECT foo
 ? How bad is ignoring Oracle DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX exception?

I have a table where I'm recording if a user has viewed an object at least once, hence: HasViewed ObjectID number (FK to Object table) UserId number (FK to Users table)Both fields are NOT
 ? Access Denied to SQL Server in Microsoft Azure Web Application

I have a web application that is published to Microsoft Azure. There are two databases, both hosted on a SQL Server in Azure. One database, which handles identity authentication, works just fine and I
 ? Logging erroneous queries only on SQL server

I have what would seem to be an easy goal to accomplish, yet I have not found a good solution. Google does not shed a light on it and I just hope that I have been looking for a solution in wrong place
 ? Can someone copyright a SQL query?

I work for a school district. Every year we have to export a list of students from our student management system and send it to a company that handles our online exams.So to do this export, we had to
 ? Using SQL LocalDB in a Windows Service

I have a very small test application in which I'm trying to install a Windows Service and create a LocalDB database during the install process, then connect to that LocalDB database when the Windows S
 ? If actual date is Friday, also show rows at saturday and sunday Oracle DB

Normally I only show a record, if the actual date is one year later than the date in the database. How can I check if that day is a friday and then show also the records with the date of the saturday
 ? How to convert/change data in database temporarily with SQL?

I am currently making a timetable using the daypilot scheduler. My current start and end data fields are set to the class start period and end period of the timetable, which are just integers from 1 t
 ? Append one table to another using kdb/q

I have a table that's got some values, and I would like to append another table to this one. The columns in the second table don't entirely match the first. Please note I am using Q/KDB+ language to a

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