? How do I update tableview cell when It had changed

When I scroll up&down then tableview cell has set overtimes so It affect lagging.I want to update only when the data is updated.Post.swift (It is model)import Foundationimport Parseclass Post: PFO
 ? Can I create an entity by default with core data?

I'm creating a project in Xcode 7.3.1 that uses core data to store a "UserProfile" entity with three attributes. I have set up default values for these attributes but is there any way that I can set i
 ? Swift 3 embed button in page view controller

i am trying to set up a pageviewcontroller that has embedded buttons ( those that dont move when the page view is swipped left or right but are constantly visable )i have the standard viewcontroller,
 ? Generate random time for subactions inside of repeatActionforever under sequence for SWIFT

Hi I'm trying to generate random time intervals everytime the action is repeated but it only generates the time interval randomly only when the vied did load. Here is my code : let moveBucketLeft = S
 ? Using a dispatch_once singleton model in Swift

I'm trying to work out an appropriate singleton model for usage in Swift. So far, I've been able to get a non-thread safe model working as:class var sharedInstance:TPScopeManager { get { str
 ? Swift Float80 data type not available in Xcode 8 beta

When I run my app in Xcode 7, the Float80 datatype is available and I can look at the source code by pressing command and clicking on the data type. In Xcode 8 beta, it only goes up to Float64, and F
 ? Google SDK local addresses in local language

It works with english languages but doesn't work with russian launguage. Why? Google maps allows to input local language in my country.let geocoder1 = CLGeocoder() let address1 = "улица Здолбуновск

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