? Publish VS2010 Solution to ISS(local) using Jenkins MSBuild Plugin command line

Jenkins successfully build my job using MSBuild plugin(framework 4.0) with this Command Line Arguments/p:Configuration=Debug /p:Platform="Any CPU" /p:PackageTempDir=C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Example_JenkinsT
 ? C# 4.0 dynamic Office interop performance

I've taken an application that was developed in Visual Studio 2008 and used various Office libraries through COM Interop. I began some proof of concept development using the dynamic keyword and Visua
 ? How do I disable zoom on control-scroll in Visual Studio 2010?

Visual Studio 2010 adds a zoom setting on the bottom left of the text editor (to the left of the horizontal scroll bar) and also adopts the control + mouse scroll idiom for zooming in and out.The form
 ? Connecting to a remote Oracle Database from Visual Studio

How do I connect to an Oracle Database that is not hosted on my loacal machine from visual studio. There seem to samy many different ways that I am getting confused. What kind of information would I n
 ? Connecting Visual Studio 2010 to Oracle

What is the easiest way to connect Visual Studio 2010 to an Oracle database not hosted on my local machine. Can anyone please link me to a tutorial that will help me do this as I have only ever connec
 ? Connecting to Oracle from Visual Studio 2010

I would like to connect to an Oracle 11g databse from Visual Studio 2010 using ODBC. I was not able to connec tusing ODP.NET, so I want to try using ODBC. Can someone please tell me what are the steps
 ? Visual studio 2010 Requires Run as Admin to build website

I am using Visual Studio 2010 ultimate and have a solution that contains a website project. Under XP Pro evrything built fine. I moved over to a new machine running Windows 7 Ultimate, and now when
 ? CodedUI tests failing due to missing assembly reference?

I have a coded UI test built with VS2010 for TFS2010 running on machine A. I have a test agent installed on machine A that the tests run on successfully. My testsettings file>Roles is set to RemoteE
 ? .net 2010 error CS0433 when use user control

This question already has an answer here: Where does error CS0433 “Type 'X' already exists in both A.dll and B.dll ” come from?
 ? How to change the colors of a specific Visual Studio Element

pretty simple one but I'm trying to find out which item in the Font & Colors list these are. I'm trying to change the light/grey white @Razor colors. In Visual Studio 2010 goes to Tools > Opti
 ? How to change font color in Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint 2010 Feature Designer?

Within VS2010 I'm using a dark/pastel color scheme. SP2010 Feature Designer has a Manifest tab with a Preview of Packaged Manifest read-only XML pane.As you can see from the two screenshots, there is
 ? Collapse summary block in visual studio 2010

I have been asking Mr Google about how I shall do if I want my block to be collapse but not the code block. I write my code in C#. If I understand correctly, just click on the tiny - in the left
 ? Can't access TimePicker (Silverlight 4) Visual Studio 2010

I use Visual Studio 2010, and I recently installed Silverlight 4 Toolkit. However I still can't access TimePicker. System.Windows.Control is in the Solution Reference, and it also doesn't show the new
 ? Getting started with gecko fx

I'm using the following code to embed the gecko in my application:Dim browser As Gecko.GeckoWebBrowserGecko.Xpcom.Initialize("C:\temp\MozilaTeste\xulrunner")browser = New Gecko.GeckoWebBrowserMe.Contr
 ? Disabling the *.vshost.exe and miscellaneous files from being created on build

I found the following information about the Microsoft Visual Studio "extra" files:What is the purpose of the vshost.exe file?My question is, is there a way that I can NOT have the .pdb, .manifest and
 ? Need to debug LINQ simple queries in Visual Studio 2010

I often get in a position when I need to know why my LINQ doesnt work as intended...I use object collections and extensions. I dont want spend more than couple of minutes on it. LINQ supposed to make

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