? How to create a dynamic xml which populates an advanced data grid in flex air application

Is it possible to create a dynamic xml file which changes in some fields to populate an advanced data grid?I have to display continents, countries, society and its values but i want to change randomly
 ? Android Studio (Intellij) keeps adding second line to modules.xml

In my ~/project/.idea/modules.xml file the 8th line is always repeated. If I delete it, the line is put back whenever I save (auto-save).<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><project versio
 ? Text::Balanced and multiline xml

Seems like I'm a little bit lost.I need to parse a large (about 100 mb) and quite ugly xml file. If I use parsefile, it returns error (junk after document element), but it would happily parse smaller
 ? SSED Remove Multiline XML Code

I'm trying to use SSED to delete multilines from a XML File. I am able to delete certain single lines within the XML file, but I need to be able to remove multilines.For example:<tagnumberone>
 ? Storing multiline text to an xml field and showing it in a gridview

The title says it all.The problem is the line breaks.I used what I'd found in a forum, to replace the vb line breaks to dr("Description") = TxtDescription.Text.Replace(vbCr & vbLf, "<br />")
 ? Refer to a specific document in a BaseX DB using XQuery

If I add two documents to a BaseX DB, let's say normal.xml and normal2.xml, is there a way to refer to each one individually?I know about the doc() function, but it looks at the filesystem for their l
 ? Document name conventions of BaseX XML Database

What are the document name conventions of BaseX XML DatabaseCan the document names have characters such as @, / etc. Though the question is quite old now for archive reasons: BaseX Database must ma
 ? XQuery distinct-nodes usage

So i want to insert the function distint-nodes in the for clause (see which for below). I'm using BaseX for this purpose.This is my code:<autores>{ for $a in doc("libros.xml")//libro return
 ? XPath pulling more than one match

The (BaseX) errorI am running queries on a large dataset in BaseX, but one XQuery is crashing my programme with an error [XPTY0004] Item expected, sequence found: (attribute begin {"6"}, ...)..In my q
 ? how to show archived task in many2many tree view on another model in Odoo9?

I'm trying to show the archived tasks (active = False) beside of the active tasks on many2many field view (Project Management Module) on Odoo9.Ok, for a moment i just trying to show the archived tasks
 ? Best way to apply dynamic domain to many2many field in Odoo8?

I have a model in which the user can select the breed of a dog (dog_breed, a Selection field). Then, in the same model, I have a Many2many field (dogs) in which the user can add dogs. But I want that
 ? How to ask the user for confirmation in a client_action_multi in Odoo8?

I have created an option in More button (in a tree view of stock.move), to apply some actions to the selected records. This is the code of my action:<record id="stock_move_unrestricted_unlink_actio
 ? How to create choropleth map in R studio from a data frame extracted from XML

(totally new to R) I have downloaded an XML file to use in R to create a choropleth map from the data. I am using US flu data. From my research I understand that I needed to make that XML file a data
 ? how to get a specific protein sequence using entrez.efetch?

I am trying to get the protein sequence from NCBI via a gene id (GI) number, using Biopython's Entrez.fetch() function.proteina = Entrez.efetch(db="protein", id= gi, rettype="gb", retmode="xml").I the
 ? Visualization of xml data from hadoop

In my HDFS i will be doing xml processing . ie processing an xml file and extracting 2 nodes.And this will be my x and y to plot a graph.How can I do this .Generating graph from hdfs output.I want to
 ? How can I visualize XML in Flex /Flash?

I'm making a Flex application to visualize the contents of an XML file in a tree, radial diagram, etc... I looked all over the internet and I can't find any useful tutorials or source code on how to d

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